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Panasonic Ecology Systems Group promotes two businesses related to Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) and Environmental Engineering respectively. Our energy-saving and high-efficiency IAQ products will provide a healthy and pleasant air environment for people. Besides our solutions with a focus on air and water purification will support customers’ corporate activities. We are making social contributions on a global scale with these products and solutions, aiming to achieve a society where people can lead long healthy lives in comfort.

Company Outline (as of March 31,2021)

Company name Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.
Head office location 4017, Shimonakata, Takaki-cho,Kasugai-City, Aichi, 486-8522, Japan
Company founded in 1909
Incorporated date May 15, 1956
Capital 12,092,360,000 yen
NO. of employees around 8,200 (consolidated as of March/2021)

Directors and Auditors (as of April 1,2021)

President Takashi Ogasawara
Managing Director Susumu Yamauchi
Director Masakazu Dai
Corporate Auditor Yoshihisa Matsumoto
Corporate Auditor Hidetaka kiyota
Executive Officer Takeshi Okamoto
Executive Officer Jun Matsui
Executive Officer Hitoshi Hasegawa
Executive Officer Masayuki Mizuno
Executive Officer Ippei Katashima

Associated Companies

Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering Co., Ltd. Engineering operations, such as environmental equipment,air-conditioning business and glass construction.Production and sales of agricultural / livestock equipment and facilities.
Panasonic Ecology Systems VENTEC Co., Ltd. Production and sales of ventilating equipment parts, filter, and fan motors.
Panasonic Ecology Systems Kyoei Co., Ltd. Assembly of ventilating fans and printing
Panasonic Ecology Systems (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Overseas operations management, Overseas marketing, IPO. Planning & Development, and Sales.
Panasonic Ecology Systems Guangdong Co., Ltd Global production of ventilating fans, air purifiers, and others. Planning & Development, and Sales.
Panasonic Electric Works Vietnam Co., Ltd. Manufacturing ceiling fan and ventilating fan
Panasonic Ecology Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Manufacturing ventilating fans and air moving equipment for the ASEAN market
Panasonic Eco Systems North America / Panasonic Ecology Systems De Mexico S.A. de C.V. Manufacturing ventilating fans for the north American market
PT. KDK Indonesia Sales of KDK brand electric fans and ventilating fans in Indonesia
KDK Fans (M) Sdn. Bhd. Sales of KDK brand electric fans, ventilating fans and ceiling fans in Malaysia

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