Museum Lighting

All lighting in the Museum incorporates LEDs so that visitors may view each work’s colors, sense of depth, and materials as intended by the artist.

Three advantages of using LED lights:

  • Emits barely any ultraviolet or infrared rays that may harm the artworks.
  • Energy efficient, compact, and long lasting.
  • Offers high color rendering abilities that bring out the original  charms of each work.

Matisse and Rouault exhibition(2017)

Wall-wash lighting for display walls

LEDs were also incorporated into the wall lighting to create a well-balanced wall lighting scheme.

LED spotlights with built-in dimmer

Each fixture can be adjusted for brightness to suit each exhibit, while its high color rendering ability brings out the natural colors of the displayed work.

Tablet-based brightness and color control

This system allows us to efficiently control the lightingin real time while studying the artwork.

Space Player

A hybrid spotlight-projector, the Space Player can dramatically enhance the staging of a display.