Panasonic Ecology Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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  • Mr.Matsuno Kazuo
    Mr.Kazuo Matsuno

Panasonic Ecology Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.(PESTH) runs business by Panasonic Basic Management Objective. We devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world.

Particularly, our skilled manufacturing focuses on quality and environmental technology.

We are looking forward to your kind and continuous support and cooperation.

Company profile

Company Name Panasonic Ecology Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. / PESTH
Address 101 Moo 2 Teparak Road, T.Bangsaothong, A. Bangsaothong, Samutprakarn 10570 Thailand
Established Dec 26’ 1996, Operation date : Apr 1’ 1997
Managing Director Mr.Kazuo Matsuno
Number of Employees 422 Persons (As of May’ 2021)
Capital 250 Million THB, PA (Singapore) 60%, PTHC (Thai) 40%
FY2020 Sales (Result) 706.7 Million THB.
Products Ventilating fan, Mini sirocco, Industrial electrical Fan, Industrial ventilating fan, Industrial air moving equipment etc.

Company History

Company Year Occurrence
Japan 1909 Established as Kawakita Denki Kigyosha and sold products under KDK Brand.
1956 Joined to Matsushita Electric Industrial and sold products under National and KDK Brand.
National Thai 1968 Started the production of Electric Fan.
1980 Started the production of Ventilating Fan.
APN 1993 Started the production of Air Moving Equipment.
THAMS 1997 Established as Matsushita Seiko (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
2000 Factory Centralization
Moved Air Moving Equipment Factory from Wellgrow to Bangplee.
2003 Started the production of Air Filter.
PESTH 2004 Changed company name to Panasonic Ecology Systems (Thailand) Co.,LTd.
2007 New Factory Centralization BldgNo.7
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Panasonic Ecology Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

101 Moo 2 Teparak Rd., T. Bangsaothong,A. Bangsaothong, Samutprakarn 10570 Thailand.

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Tel. 662 723 3000

Fax. 662 708 0853

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