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Environmental Engineering

The development of industry has inflicted global warming, air pollution, water shortages, soil contamination, and toxic substances on the global environment. Corporate action is needed to eliminate these environmental burdens. We support customers' corporate activities by providing energy management and other solutions with a focus on air and w ater purification, and energy creation and conservation, and b y creating an optimal environment for each condition encountered throughout the product life cycle from design to installation, maintenance, and servicing of equipment for factories, buildings, roads, and tunnels.

Engineering Business

Introduction of our Environmental Engineering Systems

Next-generation Barn system

Next-generation Barn system Next-generation Barn system

This system automatically controls the environment inside the barn with sensors and fans.It keeps uniform temperatures, humidity and wind speed , leading to maintain the optimum breeding environment and reduction of stress on livestock like heat and odor.

Tunnel Purification System

Jet Fan Electrostatic 

To secure safety with peace of mind for users while maintaining the surrounding environment, Panasonic tunnel environment purification systems supply a lot of technology. For instance, Jet fans induces a ventilation stream in tunnels filled with polluted car exhaust. They contribute to ensure drivers' visibility and promoting fresh air supply into the tunnel to provide drivers with a safe, comfortable driving environment. We also supply electrostatic precipitators which collect the particles contained in car exhaust gases to clean the air.
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