Our Network Switch Technology
Development and Evaluation

By utilising the knowledge and know-how that Panasonic has cultivated in the fields of home appliances, housing equipment, building equipment, and communications, we are developing and evaluating products with a focus on durability so that they can be used for a long time.

Physical Shock "Drop test"

Drop test assuming a product is dropped from a desk, etc.

Physical Shock "Shock test"

Shock test assuming contact with people or objects

Physical Shock "Earthquake test"

Earthquake test in case of a disaster

Electrical Shock "Lightning surge test"

Lightning surge test from the power supply or LAN wiring side

Electrical Shock "Static Electricity Test"

Static electricity test assuming static electricity

High / low temperature environment

Continuous communication test assuming high or low temperature environment

Manufacturing and shipping

All products are inspected before shipment at a factory in Japan.
All products and ports are inspected for communication before shipment.
In the event of a warranty failure, the product will be replaced with a new,unopened one.