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Panasonic Ecology Systems Group covers the field of environmental systems for the Panasonic Group. Our mission is to contribute to the world through environmental technology. Products and systems developed using our experience and expertise are helping to address severe environmental problems. We will continue to contribute to sustainable coexistence with the Earth environment by working to further improve our air, water and soil purification technologies and by establishing ourselves as environmental technology specialists.

About Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.

Company Name: Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location: 4017, Shimonakata, Takaki-cho, Kasugai-city, Aichi 486-8522 Japan
Foundation: July 1, 1909
Number of Employees: About 6,000


Indoor Air Quality Appliances Business

Complete management of indoor air quality in home,offices and factories to raise comfortableness and reduce energy consumption.

Environmental Engineering Business

Through energy-related technologies,as well as technologies to purify air,water and soil,we aim to realize environmentally friendly,zero-emissions factories. Water treatment,Air pollution purification,Soil and groundwater purification,Energy creation,Energy-saving measures,cleanroom and climate control businesses.
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