System Strengths

System Strengths

Panasonic looks at the motor, controller, torque sensor, battery, and hand console as one single unit, and call this the Smart Integrated Management System. This consolidated system technology enables us to produce high-quality, high-efficiency drive units, giving our customers a premium cycling experience.


Our center motor and front hub motor are highly compact. The resin gears inside both types of Panasonic motors have an efficient design that achieves high precision and high strength for extremely quiet power assistance. In combination with a torque sensor the Panasonic motor achieves more comfortable and smoother riding.

Torque sensor

Torque sensor
The high-precision torque sensor is responsive to changes in pedal power when starting, climbing or accelerating. A detector coil measures pedalling torque and sends an output power signal to the controller. This kind of technology allows measurement of the pedalling torque without contact of the axle, therefore without energy loss as well.


Our high-capacity cells have enabled us to produce a compact high-capacity battery. Optimum safety is achieved through our unique battery management technologies and knowhow in the field of home appliances.
Based on our experience relating to home appliances we have selected the cells used in each type of battery depending on the voltage and capacity.

Battery Management System

One microcomputer and two voltage monitoring ICs have been mounted, and charging/discharging and temperature of cells are controlled.
Also, overcharge/overdischarge and excessive temperature increase are prevented by communication control between the motor and the charger.
Therefore, performance, safety and quality of the battery have been preserved.
Moreover, a fuse has been mounted as multiplex protection.

Flame-resistant resin

Our original flame-resistant resin covers each battery cell to ensure integrity and a safe, flame-resistant li-ion battery.
This resin enables our li-ion batteries to pass rigorous testing and operate safely.


To protect against water, we pack all cells and circuit boards in vinyl.
(Suitable design for outdoor use)


All designed products have been tested before mass production.
Panasonic has a lot of test equipment to ensure the product quality.
We are able to test not only each devices but also finished e-bike.
Frame fatigue tester Frame fatigue tester
Salt spray testing equipment Salt spray testing equipment
As Japanese electrical manufacturer, we use the production know-how that especially Panasonic has to make powerful, quiet, high-performance motors.
Every aspect is inspected carefully each motor one-by-one we check the water- and dust-proofing, power values and the sound level for irregular sounds.