2017 - 2018 Schedule

Matisse et Rouault

January 14, 2017 (Saturday) - March 26, 2017 (Sunday)

Henri Matisse and Georges Rouault enjoyed a lifelong friendship. Their correspondence, spanning half a century, will now be published for the first time in Japanese. To mark the occasion, this exhibit will present excerpts from the book and tie them to works by both artists to offer a pictorial overview of their dramatic lives.

Japan, Archipelago of Houses: The Designs That Took a French Architect By Surprise

April 8, 2017 (Saturday) - June 25, 2017 (Sunday)

After a tour through Europe, this exhibition of Japanese residential architecture will finally arrive in Japan. It was curated by a team led by a French architect, who wanted to showcase the works of today’s most popular Japanese architects. The exhibit will introduce visitors to 70 modern-day classics that reflect the uniquely Japanese environment in which they were built-whether it is one of many distinctive geographical terrains that compose Japan, or the kind of dense urban neighborhood found throughout Japanese cities.