About the Museum

About Shiodome Museum

The museum opened in April 2003 in the former Tokyo Headquarters of Panasonic Electric Works, Co., Ltd. coinciding with the completion of the building. It provides a setting where the general public can view the paintings and print works of the leading 20th century French painter Georges Rouault (1871-1958), whose works have been collected by the company as part of its cultural space befitting its location in the 21th century urban setting of Shiodome.

The museum's Rouault collection consists of approximately 230 works including oil paintings and representative print series. A selection of these works is on permanent display, and furthermore the museum periodically holds special exhibitions relating to the artist. In addition, the museum holds exhibitions on themes corresponding to the actual undertakings of the company, such as "architecture" and "design" and "applied arts". By introducing new perspectives on space and material, we strive to enrich our everyday lives. Through a broad variety of cultural pursuits, our aim is to create an environment which provides an oasis of inspiration and relaxation for visitors within a busy urban surrounding.

Activities of the Museum

  • To preserve, study and exhibit works by Georges Rouault.
  • Comprehensive special exhibitions on themes related Rouault, as well as on the themes of "architecture" and "design" and "applied arts"
  • arious cultural events related to each exhibition.