Products Information VRLA battery for EV

VRLA battery for EV

The development concept of VRLA battery for EV is "Coexistence between Human and Environment". The wave of an electric drive that aims at coexistence with the global environment has already started. To answer this, Panasonic proposes the battery that concentrates an integrated technology as a key device of the next generation clean energy. It is a lineup as for two types that widely correspond to the requested performance such as "HV application" and "Cycle application". Our VRLA battery offers high performance with excellent safety and reliability for the customers in the world.

Cycle application

Long life and the high rate discharge characteristic were made to be united high rate deep cycle including EV application.

  • Achieve long life at high rate discharge.
  • High performance at wide temperature range. Higher discharge performance is available from the low temperature to the high temperature.
  • High power is maintained until the end of discharge. Achieve higher acceleration and climb-up performance until the end of EV runs.

HEV application

The high-power usage including HEV is strongly supported with high discharge power & regeneration capability.

  • The high regeneration power is achieved. About twice regeneration power compared with our current battery is achieved. An efficient energy recovery is achieved.
  • Excellent discharge power at low temperature. High discharge power is available, even at -30C.