Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News

Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".


Japan: Results report meeting held for businesses subsidized by Panasonic NPO Support Fund in 2010

The Corporate Citizenship Group of the Corporate Communications Division held a results report meeting for organizations subsidized by the Panasonic NPO Support Fund, which aims to help NPOs strengthen their organizational foundations in 2010. The event was held at the Panasonic Center Tokyo and attended by a total of 63 individuals, including representatives of the NPOs receiving subsidies, members of the fund's selection committee, and other NPO-related officials.

The Panasonic NPO Support Fund is one of the main programs of Panasonic's corporate citizenship activities focusing on two key areas: the environment and the next generation with the theme "education and coexistence." This fund hopes to promote sustainable growth for citizenship activities that are working to solve social issues in areas related to children and the environment, in order to realize a sustainable society.

To this end, the fund provides comprehensive financial and consulting-based support for initiatives to strengthen the organizational foundations of various NPOs. In 2010, applications for subsidy grants were received from a total of 256 businesses from across Japan, and the 22 businesses that were ultimately selected to receive support each gave presentations at this meeting on the contents and results of their activities over the past year.

Meeting participants made positive comments: "This was a very valuable opportunity to share our passion for tackling a common theme; that is to strengthen our organizational foundations."

The members of the fund's selection committee offered their encouragement to NPO officials by stating, "Since NPOs' reason for existence is to change society, please improve your organizations with a view to achieving your visions in the future. As organizational foundations are like weakening muscles, we ask you to continue to constantly and dynamically strengthen organizational foundations to prevent them from weakening." Attendees mutually raised their awareness aiming for further development.

Japan: Exhibited at Tsuruga Eco Fair

The Wakasa Division of Panasonic Electronic Devices Japan Co., Ltd. (PEDJ) took part in the Tsuruga Eco Fair hosted by the Tsuruga Municipal Office in Fukui and the Tsuruga Environmental Future Network on March 26 and 27.
Thanks to the good weather, the event received approximately 4,000 visitors, the largest ever.

PEDJ hosted four battery workshops. Both adults and children enjoyed making their own batteries and were full of excitement and smiles when all succeeded in lighting up their miniature bulbs.

Among the displays was the EVOLTA robot, which visitors were allowed to operate and run during the event. The well-known EVOLTA robot was very popular among children in particular. PEDJ staff said with satisfaction, "Despite difficulties in doing new things, this was worth the effort since I had the pleasure of seeing many smiles."

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Japan: Panasonic Eco Relay - Reed-cutting activity on Lake Sainoko off Lake Biwa

A reed-cutting activity took place on Lake Sainoko, located just off the larger Lake Biwa on February 12. Similar activities have been hosted by the Higashi-Omi (East Shiga) Water Environment Self-Governance Association and other such groups over the past ten years, and Panasonic Electric Works has played an active role since 2004 as part of its employee volunteer activities.

This year, employees from across the Panasonic Group were encouraged to take part, and a grand total of 110 people, including five participants from SANYO Electric, ultimately gathered for a busy day cutting back the reeds.
Lake Sainoko fulfills a number of important functions for Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, such as helping to clean its water and protect its native ecosystem. As such, it was registered for protection under the Ramsar Convention as a lake of high natural importance in October 2008.

The day of the activity was blessed with clear weather, and provided a great opportunity for participants to learn and think about the environment of Lake Biwa. The objective of the Panasonic Eco Relay initiatives is for individual
employees throughout the world to actively conduct their own environmental activities as global citizens, and contribute to the development of a sustainable global environment and society.


Japan: Panasonic NPO Support Fund 2011 Presentation Ceremony

The Panasonic NPO Support Fund, which helps reinforce the organizational infrastructure of NPOs, held its 2011 presentation ceremony for the environmental and children's fields at the Panasonic Center Tokyo on January 27, 2011. The ceremony was attended by representatives of NPOs receiving fund, selection committee members, social service staff of other companies, and NPO representatives, making approximately 100 people altogether. Panasonic members included PC Managing Executive Officer Takumi Kajisha of the Corporate Communications Field, Executive Officer Hidetoshi Osawa, Director of the Corporate Communications Division, General Manager Michiko Ogawa of the Corporate Citizenship Group.

The Panasonic NPO Support Fund is one of Panasonic's primary corporate citizenship programs, focusing on the fields of the environment and support for education of future generations based on the philosophy of education and living in harmony in order to achieve a sustainable society. This fund gives all-round support of funding the reinforcement of organizational infrastructure as well as consulting the management, aiming that citizenship groups struggling with social issues make sustainable growth.

Since the Panasonic NPO Support Fund has reached its tenth year, it has undergone third party review. Sachiko Kishimoto, Executive Director of the Center for Public Resources Development, validated the effectiveness of the fund by stating in summary of this review that "This fund contributes to reinforce the organizational infrastructure of NPOs. These efforts not only resolve problems in the operation of these organizations, but also lead to increased finances and staff members, thus promoting further solution of social issues."


Vietnam: Two video clips of 2010 KWN Vietnam were awarded at the 4th Vietnamese National Environmental Film Festival

On December 29,2010,Panasonic Vietnam participated the 4th Vietnamese National Environmental Film Festival Award Ceremony. In October, two video clips on environmental theme of 2010 KWN program, one from KWN team of Lomonosov secondary school named "onvenient and Harm" and one from KWN team of Phan Chu Trinh secondary school named "The Circle"were submitted to the Film Festival. Being the youngest candidate, the
students had a little experience in film production compared to other film makers. The "Convenient and Harm" of Lomonosov students was awarded the second price and "The Circle" of Phan Chu Trinh students was presented the consolation prize. According to the opinion of one jury, the video clips of students were very cute, very interesting. It
showed their students’ fresh eyes and thought about the environmental issues and their own way to protect our environment.

The Vietnam National Environmental Film Festival is organized every three years by Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in conjunction with Vietnamese central television and Vietnamese Cinema Association since its first held in 1998. This year, there were 131 submitted films of different types from Vietnamese central and municipal televisions. This is the highest quantity of 4 times organizing this festival. It means that environmental issues has attracted the attention of a lot of people and the film festival was implemented better and better. The jury gave very good comment on the quality of the participated films this year. The festival is one of the way that Vietnamese Ministry of National Resources and Environment would like to raise up a awareness of community in
protecting, and improving the environment.