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Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".


Romania: kids school programme awarded at national environmental protection contest

On 16th of December 2011 the 3rd edition of Gala Awards for the best Romanian environmental protection projects was held in Bucharest by ECOTIC, and National Guard of Environment Romania.

The campaign promotes the best projects related to social responsibility and good practices dedicated to environmental protection .

Panasonic Romania's kids school project received a diploma primarily because of: 

  1. Content of the lessons 
  2. Kids involvement in a practical way 
  3. Eco Picture Diary Contest with participation/education of more than 5000 kids 


Austria: Mr.Green promotes 'kids school - eco learning' on Austrian TV

Panasonic Deutschland (PDE) kids school team with stand at 'Inter Paedagogica' fair in Vienna interviewed by educational TV.


After the successful establishment of the 'kids school - eco learning' programme in Germany with approx. 20.000 children participating since December 2010, it was time to start promoting it in Austria, too. For this reason, PDE had a 'kids school – eco learning' stand at 'Interpaedagogica 2011', held in Vienna November 10-12, Austria's main educational fair with almost 270 exhibitors and 17,000 visitors.

The 14 m� stand displayed the free printed teaching materials, such as factbooks and activity books for teachers and pupils, eco picture diaries and the specific videos by kids playing on a plasma display. Targeted visitors, such as teachers, showed great interest in the programme and thus 100 sample sets of the materials were distributed as well as 400 recyclable business cards with the important info. Eight schools ordered materials directly at the stand.

The promotion of the programme was supported and highlighted by the appearance of mascot 'Mr. Green' who walked up and down in front of the stand, giving people the opportunity to stop and wonder, take photos, cuddle with him and inform themselves about the programme.

The big sympathy for Mr.Green and the awareness he created for kids school at the fair was also reflected by an interview held with Austrian educational TV. Mr. Green had drawn the TV team's attention, they were curious about him, who he was, why he was there and what he stood for. These questions were answered by Katrin Schaller, project leader 'kids school –eco learning' of PDE, in a short interview and gave her the opportunity to explain the programme and hint towards the website for more detailed information.

"Mr. Green was a magnet, his appearance made our first presence a highlight for the fair, the visitors and the successful promotion of our eco learning programme in Austria", resumes Schaller.

The interview was published January 3, 2012.
Watch the entire video here: 
Bildungs.TV - bildungsthemen - Interpadagogica 2011 - kids school - eco learning

-Panasonic kids school
-kids school - eco learning (Germany & Austria)

Katrin Schaller, Panasonic Deutschland, 06.01.2012

Germany: 12,000 spade cuts for a new forest


Within the scope of "the international year of the forest" Panasonic employees planted 3.000 new trees together with pupils from an elementary school in Hamburg. October 21, 2011, was a beautiful day with bright sunshine when 45 colleagues set off towards a forest area on the outskirts of Hamburg. There, we met up with a grade three class of elementary school "Rahlstedter Höhe", a class that had participated in our kids school – eco learning programme. We had invited them to join our activity in order for them to broaden their newly acquainted environmental knowledge by a practical experience in the real forest.


Everyone was welcomed by Mr. Green and the forester and his team, who explained the proceedings and the way we had to work. The kids loved Mr. Green and could hardly be torn away from him.We received the spades and the 3,000 copper beech plants (50-80 cm tall), formed teams of one adult plus one or two pupils and off we took into the forest depths and undergrowth to start the planting. It takes about 4 spade cuts to plant a tree which sums up to the incredible number of 12,000 cuts for all trees!

We retimbered an existing birch tree forest area. Birches only live 50-60 years and then they make space for the beeches. Beeches naturally grow in this area, but they are in danger of becoming extinct due to clearings and transformation of ground. Therefore, by planting these young beech trees we contributed to the protection of our environment. It took us only record breaking 3 hours to plant the whole amount of new trees.

After the work was done everyone enjoyed the fresh clean air in the forest while having a snack and a drink provided by our catering. The kids once again played with Mr. Green or sat by the campfire. Our activity was joined by local media from newspapers and a TV station, who filmed a two-minute sequence for their evening programme. Upon returning to the office in the afternoon everyone was happy and positively exhausted. All-in-all it was a successful ECO RELAY-activity, that helped building our team spirit and that everyone will remember!

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UK: Panasonic UK Teams Up With BBOWT in Bug and Bird Box Building Task


Today staff from Panasonic UK have volunteered their support to the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) by participating in a bug and bird box building task. Staff were busily sawing, hammering and sanding away in an undertaking organised by Panasonic UK's Eco Ideas team and BBOWT and produced ten expertly crafted boxes during their lunch break which were available for employees to take home to install in trees and on fences in their gardens or donated to local schools that had requested them.

Fundraising Manager from BBOWT, Emily Gould explained the benefits of building the boxes; "Building bird boxes and bug boxes is a fantastic way for all of us to help our local wildlife. As many of our bird species are suffering loss of their natural habitats, this is a simple but effective way we can help garden birds, and ensure that the work of our Wildlife Trust is spread out into the wider environment. Panasonic staff did a great job in producing some excellent homes for birds and bugs – a lunch hour very well spent!"

Panasonic has been working for a number of years with BBOWT which was established in 1959 by local ecologists who could see the extent of harm being done to the rich natural environment of the three counties. BBOWT is one of 47 Wildlife Trusts working across Britain to achieve the shared aim of securing a better future for wildlife has organised other eco diversity projects with Panasonic including scrub clearance at Crowthorne’s Wildmoor Heath. The Panasonic global 'Eco Ideas' strategy means that in its 100th anniversary year in 2018, the company aims to be the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the electronics industry and the lunch break task showed how much support the employees were giving to ensure the company reaches its goal.

by Tom Gibson (Panasonic UK)

CIS: Promoting Eco Activities throughout the Region

On World Environment Day (June 5th), employees and their families took part in a number of different environmental activities at Panasonic sites throughout the region. In Russia, Panasonic CIS hosted as Eco Family Day across 17 locations, including Moscow. A total of 280 employees engaged in activities like tree planting, cleaning up parks, and maintaining forest areas.

The volunteer employees also each donated 500 rubles to the recover efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In Ukraine, with the support of the city parks under the slogan of "Change the future." Meanwhile, 30 employees also planted trees in the Kazakhstan capital of Almaty, while an Eco Picture Diary Global Contest was launched at a school for children with disabilities.

Panasonic CIS will continue to strengthen its environmental activities, under the slogan of "For the next generation." In addition to directly business-related initiative, these efforts will include employee volunteer activities and educational activities for children.


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