Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News

Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".


China: Unique Initiative for Environmental Education

china1.jpgOn the occasion of March 12 Tree Planting day, Panasonic and Wenhai Group in Hangzhou held the activity "Environment Protection" with the theme of “limited earth, unlimited green ideas" in Wenhai Group. "Wenhai Education Group" is the environment education base of primary students in Hangzhou Economic & Technical development zone. Witnessed by the leadership of Development zone Society Develop Bureau and Development zone Invest Company Committee, Panasonic signed with Wenhai Group in Dec 28, 2009, both sides established "Panasonic and Wenhai ECO Academy". The academy has educated more than 700 ECO little guards and was assigned Hangzhou Pioneers Low Carbon Experiment Academy by Youth League committee, Municipal Party committee and Environment protection Bureau. china3.jpgThe representative of Hangzhou Economic & Technical development and Panasonic Home Appliances (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd general manager kijima.tadatoshi and Wenhai primary school teachers and Student nearly 500 persons took place in the activity. In order to enrich the environmental protection for pupiles’s knowledge, use knowledge to defend our common living environment better, Panasonic Home Appliances (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd/Panasonic Home Appliances Research & Develop (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd party committee, labor union and youth league gave various of environment protection 198 books as presents to classes of Wenhai primary school affiliated to Wenhai Group. 

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 On the afternoon of March 23, Panasonic Factory Solutions Suzhou Co., Ltd. (PFSS) and Panasonic R&D Center Suzhou Co., Ltd. (PRDCS) hosted the First Panasonic Eco Speech Contest in partnership with a school in the Suzhou Industrial Park in China. The event was presided over by PFSS Managing Director Xiaodong Dou and School Principal Yan, with a total of around 300 children taking part. Panasonic employees and teachers from the school worked together for almost a month to select the 24 best entries to take part in the final. The presentations then given by the children at the final contest were truly excellent. They called upon the other students to "do whatever small things we can to protect our environment." This speech contest was well received by the teachers and students at the school. One commented, "Activities like this can trigger and raise students' awareness of environmental conservation issues, and I think Panasonic has successfully met its objective to foster greater environmental awareness among the next generation. I hope that we can build a stronger relationship with Panasonic and promote further environmental education activities in future."

Taiwan: Tree-planting in New Taipei City

As part of the Eco Relay for sustainable earth, the Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan took part in a joint treeplanting event named "Sustainable Forest 100: Going Green New Taipei City" held in the Fuzhou Park in Banqiao District on March 12. A total of 1,700 people including 600 individuals from nine Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan -- presidents, employees, and their families -- and citizens planted 10,000 seedlings of golden rain trees, Chinese hibiscus, and melastome with a view to preventing global warming and reducing CO2 emissions.

In line with the group-wide policy of becoming the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry, the Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan are promoting 'eco ideas' for lifestyles and business-styles and proposing ideas to more effectively use resources and energy in everyday life. One prime example is the release of refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners equipped with the ECO NAVI function in February this year, which has led to a reduction in household power and water consumption. Regarding environmental events, the promotion of the Love the Earth Citizens' Campaign involves a wide spectrum of people, ranging from employees to their families, friends, and even community residents.

The tree-planting event, in which Panasonic employees in Taiwan took part, was held by the New Taipei City's government not only to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the city's foundation but also to develop a more comfortable society in Taiwan and promote healthy living. With a keen awareness of our responsibilities as a member of Taiwan's corporate community, we will work together with you to preserve the environment in Taiwan and the rest of the planet.


China: Environmental Education for children

Beijing: Panasonic Center Beijing holds an environmental education program with garbage separation as its theme

The Panasonic Center Beijing held an environmental educational program as part of the ECO Academy for Eco Kid Guards' activities on February 12 and 20, 2011.

A total of 32 elementary school students selected from among applicants and their parents participated in the program whose theme was garbage separation. The program consisted of explanations of garbage separation rules in Beijing, a garbage separation game, and the viewing of a DVD on garbage separation. Participants were also given a tour of the Environmental Showcase and had hands-on experience at the Green Innovation Stage, as well as made their own eco declarations.

Through these activities, participating children raised their awareness of the environment and acquired knowledge on garbage separation. Numerous children declared their determination to protect the earth by starting with small actions, which was well received by their parents.

Beijing: Environmental education program for children in China at the third Sino-Japan NGO Symposium

The third Sino-Japan NGO Symposium on environmental education, which was planned and managed by the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), was hosted by the China Liaison Office of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE) in Beijing on February 24 to 26.

With the aim of sharing information, strengthening networks, and exchanging experiences among Chinese and Japanese NGOs working in the field of environmental education, about 150 individuals attended the event, including NGO and government officials, scholars and experts, and staff from companies that are active in promoting CSR activities in China and Japan.

In the plenary meeting held in the morning of the first day, keynote speeches were delivered by scholars specializing in environmental education in China and Japan.
Afterwards, General Manager Hiroyuki Saito of the Environmental Promotion Department, Panasonic Corporation of China (PCN) spoke about the company's environmental education program for children and declared the company's determination to strengthen communication with environmental NGOs.

China: Environmental education promoted more widely with PGELP

Panasonic first began promoting environmental education activities for children in China in June 2009. In order to further accelerate these activities, the Panasonic Corporation of China (PCN) Environmental Affairs Promotion Office held training sessions last autumn in six different Chinese locations to teach employee lectures about the five modules of the Panasonic Global Eco Learning Program (PGELP), which has been developed by the Corporate Citizenship Group.

In December 2010, PFSS and PRDCS host similar activities based on the Eco Lifestyle module, and PCN in Beijing using the Global Warming module. This was then followed by further events based on the Biodiversity module by PAVCX and PMX in Xiamen during January 2011, as the company continued its efforts to develop this program throughout the country.

As a result of such initiatives, Panasonic has now provided environmental education to a total of 72,561 children throughout China as of January 31, 2011. The company will continue to promote similar environmental education initiatives using PGELP in future.

Meanwhile, in December 2010, seven companies based in the Shanghai region of China PMCN, PFI(CN), PITSH, PICN, PPDS, PMSH, and PHAMOS worked together to hold environmental education activities for some 3,770 local children.

In addition to the normal lesson contents, this initiative also increase three widescale educational events hosted with the cooperation of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Youth Center and the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. Panels teaching the children about protecting their favorite marine life were hung on the walls of classrooms in the youth center, and served to promote both Panasonic's environmental education curriculum and the aquarium's efforts to protect this marine life and help prevent global warming.


China: Children's Eco Learning Program & Tree Planting

5 Panasonic Companies in Hong Kong had conducted the second workshop with "Shek Lei St. John's Catholic Primary School" on 10 Nov 2010. This time, the target audiences were primary 3 students in which total 100 students had participated.

Besides keeping the experimental exercise about the differences between traditional bulb and fluorescent bulb, we modified the contents and added 2 new topics - "Global Warming" & "Biodiversity"; in order to fit students' learning capability. The contents were lively and easy to understand, thus, students shown their enthusiasm in participating the Q&A session. Lastly, we ended the program with "eco-DIY" which stimulated students' creativity in using wasted materials.

After 1-hour workshop, all students were graduated successfully! We hope they could share what they've learnt with their families and put into practice in their daily life, save the earth together!

The Tree-Planting Activity at the Panasonic Shanghai Zone, an event held every year from 2009, was conducted along the main road in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, on the morning of December 16, 2010. A total of more than 100 representatives from the ten companies listed below, including both executives and their employees, took part in the event:
Panasonic Corporation of China,Panasonic Industrial (China) Co.,Ltd. ,Panasonic Home Appliances Microwave Oven (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. ,Panasonic Plasma Display (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ,Panasonic International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ,Panasonic Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. ,Panasonic Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ,Panasonic Finance (China) Co.,Ltd. ,Panasonic Magnetron (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. , Panasonic Advertisement Shanghai Co., LtdAs a group, the participants planted a total of 1,200 trees, helping to boost the green scenery of the Pudong New Area significantly.

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