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Panasonic UK hosts Kid's School Workshops at the e-Luminate Festival in Cambridge

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Panasonic UK, as a part of the Cambridge e-Luminate Festival 2014 held an LED lantern and Hybrid Toy Cars Workshop for local children on the 17th and 19th of February 2014. The workshop is a part of Panasonic's "Kids School" Program, and aims to educate children about sustainable technology by building their own hybrid car and a lantern that uses an LED light.
The e-Luminate festival is a two week long festival that celebrates the collaboration between art and technology. Professional projectors from Panasonic were used to light up several buildings in Cambridge with beautiful pieces of art, such as the famous Senate House and the walls of the Grand Arcade Shopping Mall.

ブログe-Luminate Workshop.jpgThe Hybrid Toy Car and LED Lantern workshops were held over two days, educating 74 children in total. They were facilitated with the help from volunteers from an education charity called STEM Team East, who aim to encourage children to engage with science and technology. Masako Hiraki, a manager in the European CSR Office of Panasonic Europe said "We believe that the younger generation is the key to create a sustainable society and to find answers to tomorrow's environmental challenges. Panasonic is committed to supporting the development of the next generation and offers a wide variety of programmes globally with the aim to provide an environmental education to children. We were very happy to see the children's faces glowing with excitement and focusing on their own creations. We want to thank e-Luminate for giving us this great opportunity to run our 'Kids school' programs during the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival."
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The kids not only built energy efficient devices but also learnt about their working principles. They were equally captivated with the aesthetics of the design. As the lights were switched off and the LED lanterns took centre stage the room lit up like a rainbow, adding to the excitement of the children. Towards the end of the sessions prizes were awarded to the fastest Hybrid car. ブログ lantern Panasonic e-Luminate Workshop -PhotoDoubleL-54.jpg
Alessandra Caggiano, MD of the e-Luminate Foundation, said: "The Panasonic educational programme is impressive and we are delighted to be running these workshops for the first time ever in the UK. We are also very grateful to the STEM East Team for their support with experienced facilitators"
Throughout the workshop, children interacted with staff and asked inquisitive questions about Panasonic and sustainable technology. The sold out event proved to be a great success and the children were delighted to be able to take their own pieces home to their parents.

A video of the highlights of the festival, including our workshops and projections can be viewed here: