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China:World Heritage Eco Learning Program at the ancient city of Lijiang


On Feb.10, 2014, "Panasonic World Heritage Eco Learning Program" was successfully carried out in China, at the ancient city of Lijiang which is a UNESCO world Heritage Site. Over 30 students and teachers from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Guizhou, Hei Longjiang province were invited and gathered together in the beautiful ancient city, as well their parents, volunteers from Osaka International University, representatives from World Heritage Center, Lijiang Ancient Town Management and Maintenance Bureau, and from Science Alliance Network, for a total attendance of 44 people. They spent four days here learning the importance and the greatness of the World Heritage, and making deep communication.

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In June, 2011, Panasonic Corporation and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre announced a strategic partnership agreement to promote sustainable development through World Heritage conservation and environmental education for the next generation. The agreement was renewed to May, 2015, under the renewed strategic partnership between UNESCO and Panasonic Corporation, Panasonic China will continues to host other World Heritage Eco Learning events in China, together with the next generation, protect the World Heritage.
Lijiang played as the second site after the first site Pingyao in China. The students learned the tradition and customs of Lijiang, and history of Dongba culture, as well as climbing to the Yulong Snow Mountain, enjoyed the Naxi Ancient Music which wasknown as the "living fossil of Chinese classical music". The participants of this event are all the award-winners of 2013 Panasonic Eco Picture Dairy, China Contest who are talent in painting. As a key part of this event, Dongba Culture Learning left quite a deep impression for all. Dongba Character known as the world's only hieroglyphic alive, was called the "living fossil of characters".

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In 2003, Dongba ancient book was listed on the Memory of The World Register by UNESCO. The students learned the way of writing "World Culture Heritage, Human Treasure" in Dongba Character, finally drew on the Tees with the slogan "World Culture Heritage, Human Treasure "in various unique features with their imagination on drawing.
Representatives from World Heritage Center, Lijiang Ancient Town Management and Maintenance Bureau also attended this event, telling the students the tradition and customs of Lijiang, the Naxi Nationality and Dongba culture. The students expressed their wish to be a world heritage communicator actively and enthusiastically. They would like to share the impression of Lijiang in their eyes with classmates and friends in order to enhance the awareness of world heritage protection.
As a sustainable strategic partner of UNESCO in world heritage protection and next generation education, Panasonic devotes to environmental protection and focuses on sustainable development, there has been 4,500 students from 12 countries invited into the "World Heritage Learning Program" since 2011 from its promotion. "Panasonic World Heritage Learning Program" will provide more opportunities for Chinese students to protect the wholeness of treasure World Heritage for the future from dispute, human over exploitation and environment disruption.

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