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Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".


PE: Hungarian winning school-1st prize of Eco Picture Diary contest

Pupils of Svetits Catholic School of Debrecen (Hungary) won Panasonic European Eco Picture Diary Contest in 2012 and received a 5,000 EUR monetary award from Panasonic Europe. The award money was spent on their unique project 'Hungary's National Park', which aims to expand pupils' knowledge of national nature preservation areas, their geographical characteristics, unique flora and fauna and protected species highlighting the importance of Lake Tisza nearby.
During the project pupils learnt about four Hungarian National Parks and at the end of the school year they visited listed national parks' outdoor nature classes. The annual project ended with an ecological quiz. Additionally the school organized an exhibition of pupils' drawings containing their memorable experiences gained during the excursions.


The school is engaged in raising the environment awareness of pupils. They conserve energy by collecting household and hazardous waste (batteries, etc.) in a selective way. The school canteen prepares meals with locally produced seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits. More and more students and teachers cycle to school. In class, environmental protection is always in focus and students are encouraged to spend time outdoors, go hiking in all four seasons and take care of the environment. Outside of class, families participate in school-sponsored trips to encourage a healthy lifestyle and appreciate the ever changing beauty of nature.

In Hungary, more than 5,500 students have been involved in Panasonic kids school "eco learning" programme since 2010.