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Tanzania: Solar LED lanterns change Mbola Village!

Last April, Panasonic donated 1,000 solar LED lanterns to Mbola Village, an inland region without electrical infrastructure in Tanzania. Reports have now been received about how these products are being used in the village, as introduced below.


Kerosene lamps used to leave this shop looking gloomy and polluted, but the solar LED lantern allows the owner to sell his products in comfort and security even at night.


This teacher from Mbola Elementary School is delighted to be able to use her solar LED lantern to prepare during the evenings for her following day's lessons

Mbola is Changing

From sewing to threshing harvested crops, the people of Mbola are now able to pursue all kinds of activities at night that would not have been possible before. It is clear that this has had a major impact on the villagers' lives, and on women in particular. This has prompted the village to send Panasonic a clear message: Mbola is Changing.

Targeted activities are now being launched to help create a sustainable society in Mbola, including education for children and the creation of jobs and stable incomes. Last October, Panasonic also donated a Life Innovation Container to bring further support to the village.

Tanzania: Life Innovation Container donated to Mbola village