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Austria: Mr.Green promotes 'kids school - eco learning' on Austrian TV

Panasonic Deutschland (PDE) kids school team with stand at 'Inter Paedagogica' fair in Vienna interviewed by educational TV.


After the successful establishment of the 'kids school - eco learning' programme in Germany with approx. 20.000 children participating since December 2010, it was time to start promoting it in Austria, too. For this reason, PDE had a 'kids school – eco learning' stand at 'Interpaedagogica 2011', held in Vienna November 10-12, Austria's main educational fair with almost 270 exhibitors and 17,000 visitors.

The 14 m� stand displayed the free printed teaching materials, such as factbooks and activity books for teachers and pupils, eco picture diaries and the specific videos by kids playing on a plasma display. Targeted visitors, such as teachers, showed great interest in the programme and thus 100 sample sets of the materials were distributed as well as 400 recyclable business cards with the important info. Eight schools ordered materials directly at the stand.

The promotion of the programme was supported and highlighted by the appearance of mascot 'Mr. Green' who walked up and down in front of the stand, giving people the opportunity to stop and wonder, take photos, cuddle with him and inform themselves about the programme.

The big sympathy for Mr.Green and the awareness he created for kids school at the fair was also reflected by an interview held with Austrian educational TV. Mr. Green had drawn the TV team's attention, they were curious about him, who he was, why he was there and what he stood for. These questions were answered by Katrin Schaller, project leader 'kids school –eco learning' of PDE, in a short interview and gave her the opportunity to explain the programme and hint towards the website for more detailed information.

"Mr. Green was a magnet, his appearance made our first presence a highlight for the fair, the visitors and the successful promotion of our eco learning programme in Austria", resumes Schaller.

The interview was published January 3, 2012.
Watch the entire video here: 
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Katrin Schaller, Panasonic Deutschland, 06.01.2012