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Vietnam: Eco learning program at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam and school


In October and November, 2011 Panasonic Vietnam continues to carry out Eco Learning Program for 832 students from 11 Elementary and Secondary Schools in Hanoi city at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam and their schools.

Participating in the program, students not only can show their knowledge about the environment by actively answering raised questions, attentively listen to new information of environmental current issues but also can have a chance to watch interesting KWN video clips on the theme.

This time, the program is expanded to Elementary School students from grade 3 to grade 5. Although at young age, the students start being aware of the methods to protect the environment such as turning off the light when not using, commuting to school by bicycle instead of car or motorbike, not throwing the rubbish into the street, planting trees, etc...


Some students shared that after attending the program, they were deeply aware that environmental issues have become increasingly critical and serious for the entire globe even though they have not considered them before. They will start and continue to contribute, participate enthusiastically in the activities of protecting the environment.

The lecture is represented as a environmental knowledge competition between the different teams from class or school. This proactive training method has been attracting great attention, interest of many students, and teachers. Deeply understanding that the program are a valuable program for Vietnam students to improve their awareness of protecting the environment, Panasonic Vietnam will keep trying our best to implement and expand this program to more and more students nationwide.