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Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".

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Japan: Further promotion for Eco Monogatari (Eco Stories) in-school lessons program

In Japan, Panasonic is working harder than ever to promote its Eco Stories in-school lessons program, one of the central pillars of the company's initiatives to support education for the next generation.

This is a sociology and environmental sciences program that teaches schoolchildren about historical advances in home appliances, and how people in manufacturing are working hard in their respective roles to help solve environmental issues. In doing so, the program aims to encourage the children to consider what they can be doing as well.

The program fits in with a unit of the sociology curriculum for fifth-year elementary school students, and has also been used as part of the Eco Learning Program (ELP) being promoted around the world.

In addition to the members of the Corporate Citizenship Group, a total of 65 instructors from Panasonic have donated their time to this program in FY2011, with lessons having been held in 131 elementary schools and six junior high schools (total 9,105 students) as of the end of November. By the end of the fiscal year, it is planned that lessons will have been held in around 200 different schools, with educational materials supplied to about 200 schools as well.

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