Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News

Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".


Panama: Corporate Citizenship Activities

Beach Cleaning activity


Panasonic Latin America continues supporting Green activities as part of the ecological vision of the company, this time in Panama a volunteer group of Panasonic Staff with their families and friends collaborated in a worldwide beach cleaning day to preserve the oceans. In a rainy morning the Panasonic team was armed with gloves and bags to collect the garbage on the coast, in coordination with the ecological institution ANCON. 37% of the collected garbage was plastic bottle (PET) and at the end of the day we collected 3,134 pounds of plastic garbage. This material will be recycling. Year after year Panasonic Panama participates in this activity and supporting the environment. One more time Panasonic Panama helps the planet with an ecological activity.

A New way of teaching, through the project Pro Escuela


Also Panasonic Panama continues with its plan of social responsibility, this time supporting the project Pro-Escuela, which provides orientation for leaders teachers to improve their teaching techniques, which consequent helps the students in their schools. Pro Escuela offers educational tours to Ecological Reserves (with expenses paid) and also a measurement of educational quality at the beginning and end of the year. This time we visit Barro Colorado Ecological Reserve, the largest forested island in the Panama Canal, where you can find a biological research station of international renown. During the visit to Barro Colorado teachers were able to get first hand contact with the animals and plants of the place, as well as received valuable information from the guides assigned. With this initiative of Panasonic, the teachers receive materials to work, they are trained and advised throughout the year, to bring a new efficient educational style.

Brazil: Kids school Eco Learning Program in Manaus


In late September 2011, Panasonic held its second Eco Learning Program (ELP) and hybrid car craft workshop event in Brazil. This locally-oriented project was established largely by members of the Manaus Factory (from human resources to regional marketing and sales departments), with space reserved in a local Bemol mass retailer in the city of Manaus to host this ELP event as part of the Panasonic Kids' School.

A total of 10 children, each participating in the Amazonas State Police Citizenship Project, took part in the event and listened intently to the ELP content offered in the first part of the day. This particular event, however, was designed so that adults could also take part and enjoy the benefits, attracting a number of Bemol customers and employees to join in as well. The second part of the day asked participants to assemble craft hybrid cars, and was conducted in a time-trial format to inspire healthy competition among those taking part. The venue was a lively scene as the children enjoyed this opportunity to learn about energy.


The hybrid car craft workshop course used on this occasion was created using recycled components no longer required at the factory. This allowed costs to be reduced while simultaneously ensuring a wholly eco-friendly day for all concerned, an activity that reflects well on the Manaus Factory.

Taiwan: Beach clean-up - Restore beauty to the beach!


On October 1, a total of 500 representatives of nine Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan -- including management executives, employees, and their families -- took part in a beach clean-up activity organized by the New Taipei City government in Dapeng Village, Wanli District. As of this year, the Panasonic Group in Taiwan has been designated as the adopted body(*) for this sandy beach, which has been renamed as Panasonic Beach as a result. In doing so, the company aims to fulfill its role in society and restore beauty to the beach.

Speaking at the event on behalf of the Panasonic Group companies, President Akihiro Nakatani of Panasonic Taiwan said, "As a corporate member of Taiwanese society, we would like to express our thanks to all the local people and fans of Panasonic, and to make an effort to conserve the environment in Taiwan where we ourselves live. In the spirit of Panasonic's eco ideas, we employees want to help protect Taiwan and our planet as a whole."

The beach chosen for this clean-up activity not only has a long history of its own, but is also situated right next to a real mecca of surfing in Taiwan. A famous national highway known as Coffee Road runs parallel to the beach, which is filled with people enjoying their time off at weekends. The participants in this event joined forces to clean up the litter scattered across this area to help restore both the beach and the clear seas off Taiwan's northern coast to their great original beauty.

* Adopted body: A system whereby local residents volunteer to conduct clean-up activities on roads, rivers, beaches, and other public property under local government administration. By encouraging residents to work to create a comfortable living environment, the scheme aims to promote greater attachment to the area in question, to promote new forms of communication, and to create livelier communities.