Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News

Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".


CIS: Promoting Eco Activities throughout the Region

On World Environment Day (June 5th), employees and their families took part in a number of different environmental activities at Panasonic sites throughout the region. In Russia, Panasonic CIS hosted as Eco Family Day across 17 locations, including Moscow. A total of 280 employees engaged in activities like tree planting, cleaning up parks, and maintaining forest areas.

The volunteer employees also each donated 500 rubles to the recover efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In Ukraine, with the support of the city parks under the slogan of "Change the future." Meanwhile, 30 employees also planted trees in the Kazakhstan capital of Almaty, while an Eco Picture Diary Global Contest was launched at a school for children with disabilities.

Panasonic CIS will continue to strengthen its environmental activities, under the slogan of "For the next generation." In addition to directly business-related initiative, these efforts will include employee volunteer activities and educational activities for children.


Nizhnij Novgorod

UK: Japan Week at the Hollies Special School


Panasonic Manufacturing UK (PMUK) organized a Japan Week together with Wales Japan Club at the Hollies Special needs School between 13th and 17th June 2011. PMUK has been supporting the Hollies since 2009 and the event was one of this year's joint projects between the three organizations. The week was dedicated to Japan and its culture. Each day we had organized several events to take place with the help and support of the Japan club of Wales members and Cardiff university with many other activities being organized by the school teachers themselves.


Monday began with an open discussion with several classes about Japan and Japanese culture. Tuesday was Japanese calligraphy day where all the children attended a demonstration on how to perform the art of Japanese calligraphy. On Wednesday the school were visited by Students from Cardiff University who gave the children and teachers and overview of their time spent in Japan and what they learnt about the country and its cultures. Thursday was another exciting day as the children attended an Origami lesson and made hats, birds and flowers. On Friday, the week finished with a Marshall Arts demonstration with the Hollies school children giving all the guests a demonstration on their karate skills. As part of the day we also had the Kid Witness News (KWN) awards ceremony as the Hollies had won the global video award. This was fantastic as most of the children who participated have autism.

One of the biggest cheers of the day was when Mrs.Masako Hiraki from Panasonic Europe presented the Eco Picture Diary Wales regional awards where Allensbank primary school, St Andrews Major primary school and the Hollies special needs school were awarded the prizes for the best Kids learning program Eco diary. These were chosen from over 1,940 diaries from across Wales and we intend to double this within the year. The three diaries had different interesting aspects. One of them mentioned the recent earthquake in Japan and associated environment and natural disasters. One of them described her mother using chicken poo as fertiliser on her plants, which amused us, and the best diary described Eco from many aspects and it showed many serious thoughts and ideas on improving the environment. This program can only enhance the learning of all the children involved.

During the event, the Hollies school has presented a cheque of GBP 300 payable to Red Cross via the Japan club. The Hollies' teachers and staff donated the money to support the people who have suffered from the Tohoku earthquake. The Hollies holds 'Eco Council' with representative children from each class regularly and the children will continue to learn about environment.

Romania: School pupils in Bucharest participated in the Flowers competition


On June 7, Panasonic Romania continues the series of eco initiatives aimed at promoting ecological behavior among pupils in the Romanian schools through a new competition during the summer vacation.

The Flowers competition is organized in partnership with the Botanic Garden and it intends to involve the school pupils in Bucharest in the planting of flowers within the garden.

The competition started on 7th of June when over 200 pupils from 5 schools in Bucharest planted seedlings in the specially arranged areas within the Botanic Garden. For the competition to be as entertaining as possible in the eyes of the kids, they were joined by MR.GREEN, a friendly mascot, who first visited their schools during 1st to 3rd of June in order to explain to the kids the importance of eco behavior.

The participating pupils received folders for their drawings and written observations regarding the evolution of the flowers. During the summer vacation they should care for their flowers, and in September, the school with the most beautiful garden will be awarded a prize from Panasonic.

Also the pupils from the winning school, who had completed their folders in order to show the way they had been involved in the garden planting, will receive a pair of headphones from Panasonic at the end of the competition.