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Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".

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Europe: Panasonic "kids school - eco learning" update report 2



Panasonic Germany (PDE) launched Pan-European environmental education programme 'kids school - eco learning' the first in Europe. Internally, PDE uploaded programme information on the intranet, produced posters and held workshops for employees. 10 employees have promoted (or are planning to promote) the programme to schools directly.

Externally, PDE sent programme introduction letters to the German conference of Cultural ministers, 28 culture and education ministers of the German Federal States and programme information to German school authorities, who forwarded the information to their corresponding elementary school teachers.

As a result, 28 schools and 1,672 children have participated in the programme as of 13 May. After learning about climate change, etc, the children completed their Eco Picture Diary, which were entered into a competition. The first German Eco Picture Diary Competition took place in April.


Panasonic Italy (PIT) have been promoting the programme through exhibitions for schools, by directly approaching schools and also through education authorities. Many of employees voluntarily participated in promoting these activities. However, it has not been very easy to promote it as schools have a lower budget under the new Italian spending cuts, which limits teachers' extra curricular activities and also it is not easy to contact state schools directly because they tend to consider such activities as corporate marketing. Having gone through these difficulties, however, PIT has managed to engage 550 children with the programme so far.

On 12th May, they had an internal jury meeting to choose the best 5 Eco Picture Diaries in the office. They chose the best ones based on Creativity, Imagination and Originality, as well as their eco ideas. As prizes, PIT are going to give schools Panaboards and Projectors.

Of course this is not the end. They will keep promoting this programme even more in the future !


United Kingdom

Here in Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd (PMUK) we have been making excellent progress with the Kids School – Eco Learning Program.

PMUK began by inviting around 30 school teachers from around the South Wales area to PMUK in March to give the school teachers an overview of the Global Panasonic brand and the PMUK site to show our commitment to become the No.1 Green Innovative Company in the world by continually enhancing our Environmental Programs and Products.


The feedback we have received from the schools has been magnificent and they have asked if they can bring groups of school children to PMUK to learn more about the products, processes and the environmental programs to give them fresh and innovative idea’s that they can use in the schools and in their home life.

On the 6th of May PMUK had the first 30 children visit the site and we were inundated with questions from the children and teachers and it was obvious to see they were amazed at our environmental programs and how much thought and effort Panasonic puts into its products and production methods to reduce the impacts on the local and global environment.

We will have at least 1,900 children involved in the Kids School Program and provided with Eco diaries by the end of May 2011.

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