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China: Eco Learning Programs at Tsinghua University affiliated Elementary School


SANYO Electric held an Eco Learning Program for 34 children at the Elementary School affiliated with Tsinghua University, the elite of China's science universities, on the theme of "eneloop" rechargeable batteries. SANYO Electric and the Faculty of Environment at Tsinghua University have been conducting joint research on indoor air purification since 2008, and this Eco Learning Program was also conducted as part of this year's commemorative events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Tsinghua University.

The Eco Learning Program was taught by the team from the Environmental Safety and Health Division of SANYO Energy (Suzhou) who have been involved in the promotion of Eco Learning Programs. The lesson encouraged the children to think about a "3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)" eco-friendly lifestyle as they learned the importance of the environment while experiencing battery charging and watching demonstrations of a battery system through human bodies. After the lesson the participating students and teachers were presented with their own "eneloop" batteries, and urged to put an eco-friendly lifestyle into practice.

china2.jpgAs the manufacturing site for rechargeable batteries, SANYO Energy (Suzhou) has been conducting Eco Learning Programs for elementary children throughout Suzhou City since 2009, with SANYO Energy employees having taught a total of 1,055 children at 19 schools (as of April 2011). SANYO Energy also took the initiative in setting up the Green Education Fund in order to support environmental education for children. This fund was established by 13 local companies, including SANYO Electric Group companies in Suzhou, in order to provide donations for promoting environmental education. We will continue to promote environmental education in China toward making environmental protection an integral part of the customs and culture.