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Taiwan: Tree-planting in New Taipei City

As part of the Eco Relay for sustainable earth, the Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan took part in a joint treeplanting event named "Sustainable Forest 100: Going Green New Taipei City" held in the Fuzhou Park in Banqiao District on March 12. A total of 1,700 people including 600 individuals from nine Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan -- presidents, employees, and their families -- and citizens planted 10,000 seedlings of golden rain trees, Chinese hibiscus, and melastome with a view to preventing global warming and reducing CO2 emissions.

In line with the group-wide policy of becoming the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry, the Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan are promoting 'eco ideas' for lifestyles and business-styles and proposing ideas to more effectively use resources and energy in everyday life. One prime example is the release of refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners equipped with the ECO NAVI function in February this year, which has led to a reduction in household power and water consumption. Regarding environmental events, the promotion of the Love the Earth Citizens' Campaign involves a wide spectrum of people, ranging from employees to their families, friends, and even community residents.

The tree-planting event, in which Panasonic employees in Taiwan took part, was held by the New Taipei City's government not only to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the city's foundation but also to develop a more comfortable society in Taiwan and promote healthy living. With a keen awareness of our responsibilities as a member of Taiwan's corporate community, we will work together with you to preserve the environment in Taiwan and the rest of the planet.