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Japan: Exhibited at Tsuruga Eco Fair

The Wakasa Division of Panasonic Electronic Devices Japan Co., Ltd. (PEDJ) took part in the Tsuruga Eco Fair hosted by the Tsuruga Municipal Office in Fukui and the Tsuruga Environmental Future Network on March 26 and 27.
Thanks to the good weather, the event received approximately 4,000 visitors, the largest ever.

PEDJ hosted four battery workshops. Both adults and children enjoyed making their own batteries and were full of excitement and smiles when all succeeded in lighting up their miniature bulbs.

Among the displays was the EVOLTA robot, which visitors were allowed to operate and run during the event. The well-known EVOLTA robot was very popular among children in particular. PEDJ staff said with satisfaction, "Despite difficulties in doing new things, this was worth the effort since I had the pleasure of seeing many smiles."

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