Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News

Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".


Taiwan: Nine Panasonic Group companies organize beach clean-up activity

Taiwan_01.jpgFollowing on from a tree-planting activity conducted at the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Park in March, nine Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan organized a beach clean-up activity at the Waziwei Ecological Reserve in the Bali Township of Taipei County on October 9. More than 500 people took part in the event, including Panasonic employees and their families. This allowed a beautiful sandy beach extending along around 1,000 m of coastline to be reawakened, and the area can now once again serve as a beauty spot to be enjoyed by visiting tourists.


The Waziwei Ecological Reserve chosen as the location for this beach clean-up activity is on the left bank of the Danshui River, and is home to a rich ecosystem including mudflat organisms like fiddler crabs and mudskippers, as well as Kandelia obovata trees known for their viviparous qualities. Before the actual clean-up, participants were divided into groups for a guided eco tour. They were able not only to observe this ecosystem, but also learn a more eco-friendly mindset for themselves.

Taiwan has some 1,348 km of coastline, but 55% of this has been covered in concrete, and people's daily household waste has been dumped on much of the rest. There is still a long way to go before this can be called a beautiful coastline. With beach clean-up activities, various Panasonic Group employees and their families come together for the sake of a global environment that is irreplaceable to us as human beings. The employees will make their effort to help realize the hopes and goals that Panasonic has had for the global environment. With similar initiatives in future, we will aim to combine our strengths to reduce burden on the environment little by little, and leave a beautiful natural environment of seas and mountains to be enjoyed forever.

Panasonic ECO RELAY for Sustainable Earth begins!

ecorelay.jpgPanasonic announced its new environmental action plan, Green Plan 2018, on October 6. Here, the company declared that it would promote 'eco ideas' Relations (eR) with people around the world to bring about wave of revolution. One of the initiatives incorporated as part of its cooperation with society is the Panasonic ECO RELAY for Sustainable Earth. This new initiative is a broad collection of the various individual environment-related citizenship activities promoted separately across Japan in the past, including the Love the Earth Citizens' (LE) Campaign and Panasonic Green Volunteer Club (PGV). These activities will aim to achieve great effects in society by linking everything together, linking regions, linking activities, linking to the next generation, and linking throughout the world.

Details of the activities will be reported on in future on the Environment page within the Corporate Citizenship Activities website.

The Panasonic ECO RELAY Corporate Promotion Committee was founded on October 1, with various regional promotion committees set up under its umbrella both in Japan and in other parts of the world. These committees serve as the structure to promote environmental activities. A committee meeting will be held in early December to ensure that such activities are properly incorporated in every region.

Indonesia: Announces 'eco ideas' Factory and environmental education activity

Indonesia_01.jpgPT. Panasonic Lighting Indonesia (PLI) announced the launch of the Light Capsule Eco bulb-shaped fluorescent lamps (Global Palook Ball) for the high-volume segments, and its 'eco ideas' Factory.

PLI has been actively engaged in environmental activities, including the manufacturing of energy-saving lamps, reducing the levels of CO2 emitted by the manufacturing process, and recycling glass. The company has held environmental education activities (commonly called eco KIDeas) for students at local schools by utilizing the Panasonic Global Eco Learning Program (PGELP) developed by the Corporate Citizenship Group. PLI will continue their environmental education activities at local schools, as well as other local community-based activities.

Indonesia_02.jpgInvited guests at the ceremony included Mr. Gusti Muhammad Hatta, State Minister for the Environment, and the other Governor of City. About 344 people attended the ceremony, including representatives from our major dealers, as well as the local newspapers and other media. From Panasonic, President Yoshio Ito of Lighting Company, PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI) President Commissioner Rachmat Gobel, PGI President Ichiro Suganuma, PLI President Shigekazu Nakagawa and Corporate Citizenship Group GM Michiko Ogawa attended the ceremony.

Indonesia_03.jpgPrior to the ceremony on September 29, the first "eco KIDeas" took place, as the first to be held overseas. A total of 55 students from the elementary schools and Japanese school in Surabaja attended. They participated in the PGELP's environmental classes on global warming, factory tour, and hand-made lamp workshop.

Venezuela:Recovery of "REDOMA DE LA TRINIDAD"

Venezuela_01.jpgPanasonic de Venezuela (PAVECA) has started it's CSR project of recovering the iconic sub-urban space "Redoma de La Trinidad", located in the Baruta District of Caracas city. Along with the local authorities, the activity included tough cleaning and gardening for the space to be a park for the community to enjoy.

35 volunteers of PAVECA helped in the removal of the garbage found in the place and started the plantation of almost 1400 plants. The CSR activity was witnessed by all of the cars and motorbikes passing through this very busy area and doubtfully brought interest on the started project.

The plants were chosen as the most fitted vegetable species for the local environment, with the prospective of a great ornamental visual effect for a public garden. There was also a strategic reason to choose those plants: to be able to attract once again those local birds that probably escaped due to the traffic and aggressive building development. Once the project advances with another session of massive planting, maintenance with watering and gardening, the La Trinidad's roundabout should result as an eco-friendly space for the people to enjoy by doing exercise or doing bird watching. This project is planned to be fully developed in matters of 6 months, and will get a one year formal compromise with the local authorities to be sponsored by Panasonic.

PAVECA has done in house PR effort to get a public awareness. There is a strong belief that by giving a good corporative example, there will be a role model effect that could drive other companies to create their own eco conscious activities with the community surrounding the zone.