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Panasonic is working to create a more sustainable world.
Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as global citizen with the theme "education and coexistence".

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Indonesia:Reached the 100,000: Solar Lanterns Donated to 131 Organizations in 30 Countries over Five Years


The 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project started in February 2013 with the goal of contributing to solving social issues in many countries and regions around the world by delivering a total of 100,000 solar lanterns to areas without electricity by the time of Panasonic's hundredth anniversary in 2018. The recent donation of 5,004 solar lanterns to Indonesia brought the cumulative total of donations over five years to 102,716. Recipients included 131 organizations and institutions in a total of 30 countries.

The donation ceremony held in Jakarta was attended by approximately 80 people, including officials from the Indonesian government and the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia. Guests congratulated Panasonic on achieving this milestone and expressed their further anticipation in improving lives in areas without electricity, where many issues still remain.

Panasonic will continue to deliver light to people living in off-grid areas. Until now, Panasonic employees in Japan took part by donating through an in-house donation program. As a way of expanding the circle of support we will introduce a new crowd-funding initiative in April 2018 that will create a system to make it easy for the general public to also take part easily even through small donations.

Today, we are happy to announce a special website and videos that recap the project's journey to this point. We invite you to take a look.

Special website:

ASIA:2016 Asia Panasonic Scholarship Award Ceremonies Held in Each Country

ネシア1.jpgAward ceremonies for recipients of the Asia Panasonic Scholarship 2016 were held in seven countries, giving the scholarship to 97 students. The ceremonies began in Indonesia in July, and have been held in the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. The award ceremonies were fully integrated into the countries, being attended by local government officials, university representatives, representatives of Japanese diplomatic and consular offices, and management of Panasonic Group companies.


The Asia Panasonic Scholarship is a scholarship system that has been active since FY2014. Its forerunner, the Panasonic Scholarship, gave aid to Asian students learning in Japan, whereas the Asia Panasonic Scholarship gives aid to students studying in universities in their own countries.


Regional headquarters and Panasonic sales companies in each country handle the operation of the scholarship, inclusive of advertising for applicants and selection, while the CSR & Citizenship Department supports the overall running and scholarship funds. The system is now in its third year, and is increasingly rooted in the local community with a rising number of recipients.


- Indonesia
The ceremony was held on July 27, the date of the founding of the Panasonic Gobel Group, and scholarships were newly awarded to 11 students.

-The Philippines
In the Philippines, vocational trainees were also able to gain the scholarship as well as undergraduate students. (August 9.)

Scholarships were newly awarded to 10 students. Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan created an overall CSR report for the first time this year. Report on the CSR report creation and scholarship student ceremony were combined in a press announcement. (August 27.)

Three engineering students were newly awarded the scholarships from University Technology Malaysia, said to be the highest engineering educational institution in Malaysia. (September 2.)

The scholarship was awarded to 30 Indian Institutes of Technology students nationwide. Executive Officer Manish Sharma and dignitaries of the Indian government attended the ceremony. (September 11.)

Scholarships were newly awarded to eight students in Vietnam. To encourage active participation by students, the ceremony also included the final winning announcement for an idea contest for students to improve Panasonic products. (November 9.)

Scholarships were newly awarded to 10 top engineering students from all over Thailand. (November 21.)

Addressing Challenges in Emerging and Developing Countries

Panasonic Donates 1,020 Solar Lanterns to People of East Nusa Tenggara

Jakarta, 26 February 2015 - Panasonic, in cooperation with the Institute of Business and Economic Democracy Foundation (IBEKA) and Kopernik, donates 1,020 solar lanterns to those living in areas with limited electricity in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province - Sumba island and North Central Timor (TTU) district. Today's donation marks the second of such efforts. In March 2014, Panasonic distributed 1,000 solar lanterns to people in Sabu and Sumba islands. These donations fall under the company's global 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project which aims to provide 100,000 solar lanterns to address societal challenges in developing areas with limited electrical infrastructure, by 2018, Panasonic's 100th anniversary.

Sumba island and North Central Timor (TTU) district were selected as these areas still experience insufficient and unstable power supply. The solar lantern functions as an off-grid energy solution which doubles up as a light and power source at night, with the added capability to charge small electronic devices such as mobile phones, via a USB port. Through the use of renewable energy, the solar lantern contributes to a reduction in carbon dioxide emission. Currently, many are reliant on kerosene lamps for light.

Ichiro Suganuma, Chief Representative of Panasonic in Indonesia said, "The Panasonic global 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project has received positive response from the Indonesian society, particularly those who have benefitted from these solar lanterns to support their daily lives. The lantern is an environmentally-friendly lighting source that seeks to bring light to those living with limited electricity, and enables them to have better access to education, healthcare and security. I hope the solar lanterns will continue to overcome social issues in order to create a better life, a better world for Indonesians."

Through IBEKA, 710 solar lanterns will be donated to those living in Sumba island. 10 of the lanterns were from Gamba Osaka, a Japanese football club sponsored by Panasonic. The official handover ceremony was conducted at the beginning of Panasonic Cup 2015 Friendly Match between Gamba Osaka and Persija Jakarta football club, on 24 January 2015, at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium Jakarta.

The remaining 310 solar lanterns will be donated to North Central Timor via Kopernik. 200 of these lanterns will be given out to 50 clinics in order to facilitate healthcare access for locals. Indonesia also has the honour to receive 110 specially designed solar lantern covers designs gathered from people around the world as part of Panasonic's "Cut Out the Darkness" programme. These lanterns will be distributed to Sone Village,North Central Timor.

Information in regards to Panasonic Solar Lantern:
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Japan: Environmental activity for next generation at the Ogasawara Islands - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

final all students09 140627_ELP01.jpg

The "World Heritage Eco Learning Program" started in Japan this year. Over the course of the year, Panasonic will host World Heritage educational activities in six different countries. This report introduces one such activity at the Ogasawara Islands south of Tokyo!

Between June 26 (Thursday) and 28 (Saturday), Panasonic hosted an "Environmental activity for the next generation at the Ogasawara Islands - a UNESCO World Heritage Site". The particular island chosen for the event was Chichi-jima. In collaboration with "Kids Witness News", a video production support program also provided by Panasonic, the activity included a workshop where the children of Ogasawara could record video to send to people all round the world and help protect their World Heritage Site. A total of 43 pupils from Ogasawara Elementary School were joined at the activity by 12 children from the Ogasawara Lions Club, which is taking part in the Kids Witness News Initiative.

Ogasawara 26th KWN 12 140626_279.jpg
On June 26 (Thursday), a ceremony was held to introduce the staff and 12 children from the Ogasawara Lions Club, who will take part in the "Kids Witness News (KWN)" video production support program, to the elementary school children. Ide, the teacher in charge, gave a welcome address. A discussion was then held as to what kind of video to produce during the workshop on June 28, and what to show to the pupils in Vietnam during the video summit.

Panasonic UK hosts Kid's School Workshops at the e-Luminate Festival in Cambridge

ブログe-Luminate Panasonic -PhotoDoubleL-03.jpg

Panasonic UK, as a part of the Cambridge e-Luminate Festival 2014 held an LED lantern and Hybrid Toy Cars Workshop for local children on the 17th and 19th of February 2014. The workshop is a part of Panasonic's "Kids School" Program, and aims to educate children about sustainable technology by building their own hybrid car and a lantern that uses an LED light.
The e-Luminate festival is a two week long festival that celebrates the collaboration between art and technology. Professional projectors from Panasonic were used to light up several buildings in Cambridge with beautiful pieces of art, such as the famous Senate House and the walls of the Grand Arcade Shopping Mall.

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