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Hybrid Car Craft Workshop Let's make your very own hand-made hybrid car!  Here, we introduce the Hybrid Car Craft Workshop, which is held all over the world! Let's try making your own Kids School-original hand-made hybrid car while getting some fun lessons about protecting the environment!

What is the “Hybrid Car Craft Workshop?

This is a workshop that teaches you how to make your very own hybrid car by hand. The car you make can run on flat surfaces using a solar battery and even up hilly surfaces using a dry cell. Get some fun lessons about saving energy and protecting the environment while making your car!

What does “hybrid” mean?

Hybrid simply means two or more things put together. When two kinds of energy are used to make a car run, that vehicle is called a “hybrid car.” In Japan, there are many hybrid cars on the road that use gasoline and electricity as their two sources of energy. This system works to save gasoline and cut down on CO2 (carbon dioxide) and emissions, making hybrid cars good for the environment.