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What is Panasonic kids school? “ When kids shine,so will our future .

“Kids school” is the collective name for children-oriented programs implemented by the Panasonic Group throughout the world to support the dreams and potential of children, who is the key to the future of Earth. Under the motto of “education and coexistence”, Panasonic engages in various programs globally such as the Eco Picture Dairy, Kid Witness News, Rope Jump, Eco Learning Program, and UNECO World Heritage Eco Learning Program in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. Through such initiatives, we will continue to help nurture the children so that they will grow up healthy and be capable of fully displaying their inherent abilities and potential.

  • Corporate Citizenship Activities

Hot News!

2013.12.6 The winners of the 2013 Kid Witness News & Eco Picture Diary Global Contest are ・・・ Let's check!!

Kid Witness News

Kids Witness News (KWN) is a global educational program by Panasonic. It helps children improve their creativity and communication skills and build teamwork by making videos.

  • Produce the news!

Eco Picture Diary

The Eco Picture Diary is a contest in which you describe eco-friendly activities that you can practice in your daily life. Keep a special “Eco Picture Diary” to tell everyone about how you help protect the global environment!

  • Keep a picture diary about eco-friendly activities!

Eco Learning Program

Around the world, schools are actively teaching about “environmental issues” so that people can help make society more sustainable. Panasonic is assisting school education that stresses the environment in its “activities to help foster the next generation.”

  • Learn about the global environment!

Hybrid Car Craft Workshop

Here, we introduce the Hybrid Car Craft Workshop, which is held all over the world! Put together your very own hand-made hybrid car while getting some fun lessons about protecting the environment!

  • Make your very own hybrid car!